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Basic Rules

The 10K Apart Contest has some basic rules that each entrant must follow to create an eligible entry. They are as follows:


Total file size of all entries, including images, scripts, markups, stylesheets, etc. cannot be over 10K zipped.


The 10K Contest allows the use of the following libraries. Unless noted, you *must* use the specified CDN-hosted, minified versions of the libraries in production:

Cross-browser Standards

Entries need to work equally well in IE10's latest platform preview, and latest versions of Firefox and a Webkit browser of your choice (Chrome or Safari).


All entries need to be reasonably responsive. That is, apps should look great & work well at any resolution or width from mobile to desktop.


Folks frequently ask us these questions. We thought you'd find the answers useful. Give them a read before you contact us.

Please review the list of questions below before you contact us.

0. Did you guys invent this contest?

We wish. It was created way back as The Web 5K (you can read more about the original contest in this article by Jeffrey Zeldman titled Much Ado About 5K). We simply updated it a little, and resurrected it.

1. Why only 4 libraries (jQuery, Prototype, Typekit, & eCSStender)?

Initially, we were not planning to allow libraries at all. However, to encourage more beginners and reflect modern Web development practices, we decided to allow three very popular libraries (jQuery, Prototype, Typekit). This year, we are also allowing eCSStender with the Grids extension. This allows contestants use the new CSS Grid Layout Module (currently only available in IE10) to build truly responsive apps that are cross-browser. We still want to keep things simple, though, which is why we're keeping the list very small.

2. Can I run part of my application on the server using PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.?

Our goal with this contest is to show what can be done purely with markup, style, images, and JavaScript. So all code must run client-side. You may use 3rd-party Web services though.

3. Can I use a 3rd-party Web service like Flickr, Twitter, Google Maps, etc.?

Yes, you can use as many general-purpose 3rd-party Web services as you want. The data from these Web services does not count against your 10k limit. However, cheating is not allowed. For example, entrants are not allowed to upload all project-specific design assets to Flickr and then reference them from the app to bypass the size limitation, or host project-specific code files in a Web service to bypass size restrictions. If your scenario is even slightly questionable, please contact us with the details.

4. Can I use a database?

You may use HTML5 localStorage & sessionStorage. You are also welcome to consume data from 3rd-party databases or interact with general-purpose Web services that store and retrieve data. Just make sure that you're not using the Web service to bootstrap project-specific files and bypass the size limit.

5. Can I stream audio or video from a server and not have it count against my 10k?

If you're dynamically getting media from a general-purpose Web service; either based on user input or totally randomly, the media will not count against your 10k. You can also have the user supply you with a URL to a media file that you then process, and this will not count against your 10k. If your scenario is even slightly questionable, please send us an e-mail request with the details.

6. What does it mean to get permission from the Web service?

You don't need to send us a signed permission slip for your app to use sites like Flickr or Twitter. But it *is* your responsibility to ensure that your app uses any 3rd-party Web service in a way that adheres to that service's terms and conditions.

7. What if the 3rd party Web service is a JavaScript library instead of a JSON or REST service?

As an example, referencing the Google Maps JavaScript API is acceptable, since it's a specific 3rd-part Web service that just happens to have a JS API. If you have questions about a specific scenario, please e-mail us with the details.

8. Must I include the data from 3rd-party Web services like Flickr in my ZIP file?

No, please don't.

9. Can I include non-minified files and have it not count against the total 10k?

Yes, if you want to include non-minified copies of your files, you can put these in another folder and leave us a note in your readme when you submit the entry. The extra, non-minified copies will not be counted against your 10k.

10. How many times can I enter the contest?

We permit 3 entries per person.

11. Can I team up with a friend?

Sure, you can work with others. Each entry is eligible for only one prize, though. And you should probably decide how you're going to split the prize before you start (visa card, registration, etc.)

12. Can I use a plugin like Flash or Silverlight?

No, these are not allowed as this contest is focused on HTML5. Feel free to use Canvas and SVG, though.

13. Anything else?

The legalese is quite informative, and not very daunting. So, if you can handle it, give it a quick read.