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10K Apart

Inspire the web with just 10K.

It’s time to get back to basics — back to optimizing every little byte like your life depends on it. The Challenge? Build a web app in less than 10 kilobytes.

The Rules FAQs

SIZE — Total file size, including images, scripts & markup, can’t be over 10K.

STANDARDS — We encourage HTML5, and apps must work equally well in IE9 Dev Preview, Firefox and a WebKit browser.

LIBRARIES — You can use one of these libraries, and it won't count against your 10K.

Prizes! Over $10K in prizes

One Grand Prize

Best Overall App in Contest

Three Runners Up

Best Design, Best Technical, People’s Choice

Bonus – 12 Honorable Mentions will win a copy of HTML5 for Web Designers.


The Winners

Grand Prize Winner!

Hakim El Hattab Hakim El Hattab Avatar


by Hakim El Hattab

A game built using canvas and JavaScript - no external libraries. The game requires only mouse movement or swiping (iPad/iPhone/Android) as input. Total size: 6.9KB. The goal is to avoid colliding with red dots while looking for green ones. The longer you can stay alive, the higher you will score!

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The Runners-Up

Best Technical



by @private_face & @whoozle

Runners Up.

All three winners will receive paid registration to any AEA event, a $1000 Visa Cash Card, and a copy of HTML5 for Web Designers.

Congratulations, all!

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